Nearly everyone will have at least one type of surgical procedure at some point in their lifetime. In fact, the average person in the U.S. may have over five surgeries in an 85-year lifespan. Oftentimes, these are common general surgery procedures, many of which have been performed for years with excellent outcomes. Here are a few of the common surgeries performed.

Gallbladder Removal

The gallbladder is a small organ in the upper region of the abdomen near your liver. Surgery to remove the gallbladder is often performed when a patient develops gallstones, which can lead to a number of uncomfortable symptoms. In many cases, it can be performed via laparoscopy, which is minimally invasive and requires only small incisions.


When a patient has symptoms that could indicate a serious condition like cancer, a biopsy may be needed to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. Biopsies of the breast, kidney, and liver are common minor surgical procedures. The findings of biopsies are then used to pinpoint areas that are affected, and inform treatment decisions.

Cyst Removal

A cyst is a closed pouch filled with pus, fluid, air, or other bodily excretions. Cysts can develop in any tissue in the body, but are most commonly found on your skin. They aren’t typically cancerous but can cause discomfort and changes in your appearance. Depending on their size and location, cysts may need to be removed or drained via surgery.

Colonoscopies and EGDs

“Colonoscopy is the gold standard procedure for screening for colorectal cancer. A high-quality exam that we can provide you here at Morgan Medical Center can give you peace of mind that your risk for developing colorectal cancer is very low,” explains Dr. Jacob Werkin, General Surgeon at Morgan Medical Center Physician Services. Surgical procedures are therefore used to assess the system’s structures and look for signs of polyps, cancer, or other conditions that may require treatment. A colonoscopy checks the colon and the rectum, while an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) assesses the stomach, esophagus, and first part of the small intestine.

Hernia Repair

Hernias are sacs that develop in the lining of the abdominal cavity and protrude through a tear or weak area of the abdominal wall or groin. The condition can cause discomfort and become serious if left untreated. A hernia can only be permanently fixed by surgery.

Tumor Removal

When cancer is detected, surgery may be performed to remove a tumor and help prevent it from spreading. Patients may also receive other treatments before, during, or after the surgery, such as radiation or chemotherapy. In some cases, benign tumors may also need to be removed to prevent future growth and to alleviate discomfort.

If you’re preparing for an upcoming procedure, you can expect the highest degree of personal attention from the moment you arrive at Morgan Medical Center. Our general surgery team, led by board-certified general surgeon Dr. Jacob Werkin, is dedicated to making you feel as comfortable as possible and promoting a smooth recovery in a comfortable setting. Find out more about our general surgery services on our website or schedule an appointment by calling (706) 438-1277.