Ralph A. Castillo, CPA, and Dr. Rick Brewer of Morgan Medical Center appeared on the April 14  episode of “The Weekly Check-Up” on WSB Radio to share the hospital’s history, advantages of  patient centered care, and their contributions to rural healthcare.  

Dr. Brewer’s role at Morgan Medical Center is to assist in the development of a structure that  ensures consistent high-quality care. Throughout the episode, he emphasized the crucial role of  an individual, patient focused approach in driving the excellent outcomes that our patients  expect and deserve.  

“Quality medicine was a primary focus when I joined,” said Dr. Brewer. “In navigating through  the ever-changing complex world of medicine, understanding local and regional service lines  solidifies attainment of national benchmark standards.”  

Dr. Brewer stressed the importance of a unified strategy that aligns with performance measures  to standardize healthcare and attract top professionals. This strategy aims to ensure consistent  patient outcomes and support the hospital’s growth.  

Morgan Medical Center has evolved under Ralph’s leadership since 2012. Ralph touched on the  pivotal role of consolidation in addressing healthcare challenges, such as staffing shortages and  coordinating care efficiently.  

Ralph highlighted the innovative approach to filling beds, including the renowned Swing Bed  Program catering to post-orthopedic surgery, stroke, heart attack, and deconditioned patients.  This program’s success has attracted admissions from across the country, contributing  significantly to Morgan Medical Center’s financial viability. Additionally, investments in  advanced technology, such as a physician-assisted orthopedic Mako SmartRobotics™ System  and cutting-edge nurse call system, underscore Morgan Medical Center’s commitment to  patient care, safety, and financial sustainability.  

To close the show, Ralph spoke on the importance of a hospital in the community. He  emphasized how it not only has a positive impact on the healthcare level but also extends to  areas such as education, quality of life, and cultural enrichment. Ralph stressed the significance  of community involvement, recognizing the difficulties of financing in low-tax regions. Despite  these difficulties, Ralph stated Morgan Medical Center’s success and resilience derive from the  hospital’s goal to prioritize patient care, employee engagement, and create long lasting  community relationships. 

“One of the things that has been a hallmark for our financial success has truly been the focus on  the patient,” said Ralph. “Quality patient care delivered by happy and engaged employees wins  every time.” 

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