Rural Hospital Tax Credit

Your HEART is in the Right Place!

Help improve health care in our community through Georgia’s rural hospital expense tax credit opportunity! Morgan Medical Center is once again partnering with the Georgia HEART Hospital Program to implement an exciting rural hospital tax credit. For more information, watch these brief videos below:

Our state is the only one in the nation that offers a 100% state income tax credit in exchange for your contribution to eligible rural hospitals, including Morgan Medical Center. In other words, the state of Georgia is allowing you to ‘spend’ some of the taxes you must pay anyway to improve our hospital’s financial condition and patient offerings.

Notably, effective in 2022, there is a brand-new benefit for pass-through businesses, allowing a SALT (state & local income tax) limit workaround, coupled with a more generous HEART tax credit opportunity during the first six months of the year, per Georgia HB 149.

Pass-through businesses may elect to pay state income tax at the entity level and may contribute to eligible rural hospitals through the HEART program at the same generous limits as C corporations (effective in 2022).

If you pay Georgia income taxes, you are eligible to receive a 100% state income tax credit for contributing to Morgan Medical Center, as follows (January through June):

  • Individual Filer — up to $5,000
  • Married Filing Jointly — up to $10,000
  • C Corporation, Trust, or Pass-Through Entity electing to pay tax at entity level – up to 75% of Georgia Tax Liability
  • Individual Owner of S-Corp, LLC, or Partnership (Pass-Through Entity) NOT paying tax at entity level — up to $10,000

Follow these easy steps to sign up to contribute for your 100% tax credit:

  • Complete and submit your HEART Tax Credit Form at (takes just 20 seconds!)
  • Georgia HEART will submit your tax credit pre-approval form on your behalf to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) in the order in which it is received
  • Within 180 days of receiving DOR tax credit pre-approval, send a check made payable to Morgan Medical Center to Georgia HEART for deposit to the hospital’s account
  • Georgia HEART will report your contribution to the DOR on your behalf and will send you a tax receipt
  • You will claim the credit when you file your Georgia income tax return

Your contribution will increase our hospital funding and our ability to provide for the health care of individuals in our community at this critical time.

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Need More Information?

For more information about the Georgia HEART rural hospital tax credit program, please visit or contact Megan Morris, Executive Director of The Morgan Medical Center Foundation, at [email protected] or (706) 752-2237.