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Preparing for Surgery? Here’s What You Need to Know

A blog by: Shawnelle Lupton, RN, Surgical Services Manager, Morgan Medical Center


As you prepare to undergo surgery, you might be feeling nervous about the upcoming procedure and receiving care during the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is understandable, rest assured you are safe at Morgan Medical Center. Every day we are actively working to make our hospital a safe place for patients and staff. That means enhancing our already stringent infection control protocols and taking small – but important – steps like requiring masks, conducting health screenings upon entrance, and reconfiguring common areas to enforce social distancing.

Our surgery patients receive an unmatched level of personal attention from the  time surgery is scheduled to the day of the procedure and through any post-operative follow up. In this column, we will review what you need to know before arriving for your procedure.

Preparing for your procedure
Morgan Medical Center surgical patients can rest assured our staff will support them during every step of the surgery process. Unlike many larger facilities, the same MMC staff member works closely with each patient to schedule their surgery, check in for the procedure and coordinate any follow-up visits.

Once a procedure is scheduled, your MMC surgical liaison will review instructions and answer questions about what to expect during surgery. Instructions might include taking specific medications, following a pre-surgery diet, and more. It is important to follow these instructions carefully – the surgeon has recommended these steps because they have been shown to positively impact surgical outcomes and recovery. Any other tests a physician may have ordered, such as blood work, X-rays or an EKG, will be arranged at this time.

The day of surgery
Upon arrival at MMC, the surgeon will review your procedure and post-operative care. This is a great chance to ask any remaining questions. Your care team – including the surgeon,  anesthesia provider, and operating room nurse – will prepare you for surgery, administer medication and make you comfortable in the operating room. They will oversee your health throughout the procedure, monitoring your heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and oxygen saturation

The road to recovery
When surgery is complete, you will be cared for by specially trained professional nurses in our comfortable recovery areas. Nurses will monitor your vital signs and ensure you are comfortable as you wake from anesthesia. At this time, a staff member will notify your loved one that the procedure is complete. Currently, MMC is limiting visitors inside the hospital so the staff member will instruct your designated driver where to wait and pick you up following discharge.

Before you leave the hospital, our staff will make sure you know:

After discharge a MMC surgical staff member will follow up to answer any remaining questions and clarify post-op instructions.

At MMC, we understand surgery – whether outpatient or inpatient – can bring about fear or anxiety. Our highest priority is making sure our patients receive the care they need in a safe and comfortable environment. You can trust our team to make sure you have a successful surgery experience.

Shawnelle Lupton, RN is the Surgical Services Manager at Morgan Medical Center. Click here for more information about MMC’s surgical services.