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Routine Wellness Check-Ups for Women

May 18, 2023

As we move through adulthood, routine wellness exams become increasingly important. Everyone should see their doctor for regular checkups, but each patient population faces different health risks. Here’s a look into why routine wellness visits matter for women.

The Importance of Women’s Wellness Visits

Routine wellness visits allow women and their providers to take a preventive approach to healthcare, looking for early warning signs of issues, and addressing them as they arise. Doctors can recommend vaccines to prevent serious illnesses, or screenings based on your unique risk profile. These preventive activities help promote better overall health outcomes. Wellness visits also give women opportunities to discuss health changes and wellness goals with their doctors at different stages of life.

Which Health Factors Are Covered at Women’s Check-Ups?

Your primary care physician may oversee some aspects of your routine check-ups. For others, they may recommend seeing a specialist such as a gynecologist. No matter who provides the care, these are certain health specifics you can expect your doctor to address at your routine women’s wellness visits.

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