Regarding the legal issue with the city of Madison, we at Morgan Medical Center wish to communicate the following with our community, whom is our first and only priority.

We respect the rule of law. Thus, we respect the decision by Judge Stephen Bradley. However, we strongly disagree with the ruling.

The role of the judiciary is to interpret the law, not to burden itself with the impact of its decisions.

We at Morgan Medical Center have a different calling: worrying about you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

As a community member, whether you agree with the decision or not, you will be impacted. And the impact will be unfavorable for you, your family, and our community. We will all suffer.

Due to this ruling, Morgan Medical Center will be adversely affected in the pursuit of its mission of providing for the health of the city of Madison and Morgan County.

Morgan Medical Center has not spent tax-payer dollars on the legal pursuit of realizing its right to sell the property we own.

But we have spent real dollars and cents in this pursuit. Dollars and cents that otherwise could have been directed towards the pursuit of our mission of taking care of our fellow community members.

For the last several years, Morgan Medical Center has spent more than $300,000 maintaining the property of our former hospital location so we could partner with organizations that have provided community COVID-19 testing, police training, and healthcare services.

These resources, not only dollars and cents—but also time, energy, and passion—which were necessarily focused on the legal matter with the city of Madison, were not available to take care of you.

Through the pursuit of the sale of the property—our right—we were intent on securing funding to better serve your and your family’s healthcare needs.

Now, we are facing a new set of options. At this time, it is unclear whether Morgan Medical Center will continue to financially support the upkeep of our former location OR whether we will be forced to step away from the financial burden of maintaining the property and direct that financial support to the health of our community.

If we determine that the community’s best interest is the latter, we fear that the concerns about the former hospital’s sale adversely affecting the community’s image will pale in comparison to what we may be forced to do: Abandon the property and watch with you as it enters disrepair and becomes a black eye for the city of Madison.