We at Morgan Medical Center (MMC) are pleased with the Georgia Court of Appeals’ recent ruling that MMC has the right to sell the Morgan Memorial Hospital (MMH) building – which we own and have maintained since we relocated to the current hospital location four years ago – for a new medical use.

The Court has spoken and now it is time for all of us to accept it and move forward for the good of our community. We hope the City of Madison will choose not to pursue yet another round of expensive (for taxpayers) and time-consuming legal maneuvering.

While MMC has not used taxpayer funds during the legal proceedings, we are pleased to now be able to fully focus our attention and hospital resources on providing better healthcare for the community.

We plan to continue to expand and improve the wide range of healthcare services we provide at our new hospital and to identify an organization to establish a positive presence at the MMH site. Doing so will generate valuable resources for MMC, which we plan to re-invest in the community’s health and well-being.

The Court of Appeals ruling was a win for the people of Morgan County and the City of Madison. By turning the page on the years-long court case, we can all now fully focus our attention on the good people of Morgan County, as is our mission.


Ralph A. Castillo, CPA
Chief Executive Officer
Morgan Medical Center