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What Should You Know About Online Drugstores?

Purchasing drugs online may seem handy and affordable, but you should consider the possible dangers of online shopping. In Canada, the authorizing of pharmacies is mostly the jurisdiction of NAPRA, the sister program of the American National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Although numerous legitimate online pharmacies operate in Canada and offer first-class services, there is always a chance to come across a fraudulent online drugstore and put your health at risk by purchasing counterfeit products.

There is a rich array of websites that work illegally while claiming they sell prescription medications at affordable prices. These online pharmacies may distribute uncertified or restricted products that can be dangerous for your health. Some sites may assert to be qualified by a Canadian pharmacy regulatory authority when in fact they are not.

So, how to determine whether the certain online drugstore is certificated or scam? Use these tips to take a deeper look at how to find a reliable marketplace and have a safe experience when shopping for medicines and healthcare products online.

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How to Identify a Fraudulent Online Drugstore

Avoid purchasing the products from an online drugstore that:

The disreputable online drugstores often distribute drugs that may:

Unlicensed online drugstores may transport and store medicine improperly. Such marketplaces often neglect the temperature or environment maintenance requirements which can result in an increased risk of preparation toxicity or treatment failure.

How to Identify a Legit Online Drugstore

An online pharmacy is considered to be safe and legitimate in case it:

• Sells a medicine online only if a client has a valid prescription.
• Offers the services of a licensed pharmacist.
• Is mentioned in NAPRA, the partner of the National Association of Boards in the United States.
• Provides a permanent address.
• Doesn’t ship medications worldwide.
• Incorporates an Express Scripts option.

There are actually two ways to check whether a certain website is operating legally:

Health Canada also regulates health-related products sold across the country to ensure consumers achieve only high-quality medications. It works with CBSA to identify counterfeit and adulterated drugs and prevent their further sale. You can visit the website of the program to have a deeper insight into the matter. Keep cautious when ordering health products and medication online in order to protect yourself and your family.

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