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Get the Facts: The Future of the Former
Morgan Memorial Hospital Site

Myths and misperceptions abound when it comes to the former Morgan Memorial Hospital site. For more than two years, the Morgan County Hospital Authority has worked to engage city administrators in addressing zoning issues preventing the sale of the former Morgan Memorial Hospital site.

Unfortunately, we are no closer to a solution today than when the Authority first raised the issue in 2018. As a result, our community has lost opportunities to bring new jobs and economic impact to Madison. Even worse, the city is forcing the Hospital Authority to continue to use taxpayer dollars – dollars that could go towards your care – to maintain an aging, underutilized property.

Time is of the essence. Potential buyers – including Flashpoint Recovery – want to invest in a shovel-ready site with all zoning permissions completed. That’s why we’ve asked the City Council to resolve what we believe is a clear reading of the ordinance and help our hospital and our community move forward.

Read the Hospital Authority’s letter to City Council >>



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